Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sony's New Alpha DSLR

Sony today openned a website showing glipses (or should I say shadowy outline) of their new DSLR due for release this summer. It will be using the Alpha Mount from Minolta. Sony claims the new camera will fully inherit the Alpha product DNA and its lens user base of 1.6 million units out there.

Summer . . . that's June-August 2006, that would mean the news release would be available by May latest. By the looks of it there will at least be two models at initial launch, one plasticky low profile version to combat Nikon's inexpensive D50DSLR, Olympus E330 & Canon's EOS350D etc. & perhaps a higer end version to fight with Nikon's D70, Canon's EOS5D?

Even the lower end version should have at 10mp using the same CMOS from Sony's existing R1. At any rate, there are plenty of good offerings out there besides Sony. Worthy of attention is Panasonic's new DSLR & Carl Zeiss's F mount digital lens.